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lentower's Journal

17 June 1949
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activism, adult swim, alternative, amanda palmer, analysis, animal rights, art, attraction, ball square, ballet, bauhaus, beat circus, beauty, black and white photographs, black and white photography, books, brian viglione, brigading, but i'm a cheerleader, cambridge, central square, cinematography, cities, clouds, coffee, coffee houses, concerts, costumes, crafters, creativity, culture, dancing, dark cabaret, davis square, death, desire, discussion, documentaries, drama, drawing, dreaming big, dreams, dresden dolls, eclipses, environmentalism, erotica, fair trade, fashion, feminism, feminist theatre, flirting, foreign films, gaiman, gardening, good times, green line, harvard square, heartbreak, heightened experiences, hippies, holly brewer, hope, human rights, humanwine, indie rock, inman square, intellectual intercourse, jason webley, kendall square, languages/linguistics, leftwing radicals, liberal arts, life, love, m@ mcniss, manhattan, martin bisi, massachusetts, metaphysics, mindless self indulgence, mit, music, my friends, new acquaintances, new york city, nyc, organic, painting, paranormal activity, parks in big cities, peace, people, people watching, performance art, performing arts, philosophy, photography, physics, planting, plays, playwriting, poetry, politics, porter square, punk caberet, queer theatre, rain, rallying for choice, reading, recovery, red line, road trips, roses, sarah kane, saving the planet, science, sculpting, self-expression, sensuality, serious conversations, sexuality, sharing, skylines, somerville, stories, sunshine, sushi, talking, teele square, the artist's way, the dresden dolls, theatre, thunder storms, travel, true love, tufts, union square, vegan food, veganism, vegetarianism, vintage, vintage clothing, vintage stores, volunteerism, weird, what not to wear, wit, women, writing, yoga