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Help with a Development Zoning mis-justice - lentower
Help with a Development Zoning mis-justice

Could you please come to one or both of the meetings to stop an illegal
development and help me and my neighbors out? As well as anyone who wants to stop inappropriate development in Somerville.

See http://www.haydenterrace.com/.

A developer has illegally added a 3rd story and gable roof to 1-4
Hayden Terrace, off Linden Avenue. It's 45 feet behind my yard, and
is blocking light/air/views for me and many homes around it. It also
will add traffic and parking congestion when it's occupied. He played

tricks with the permits and a building department inspector, so no one
knew he was doing more then interior rehab, and then used pre-built
trusses, etc to put up, in less then two weeks, a third floor with a
gable roof on a building that had been two stories with a flat roof.
The gable roof was framed in under a day.

Come by Hayden Terrace and look at the monster. Also go uphill on
Linden Avenue two houses and walk up Gussie Terrace to see the side
and back of the monster. You'll see why the neighbors are upset.
Even people 3 and 4 houses up the hill. A loss of parking, privacy,
air circulation, and views. There is no parking on that lot. The
spaces and garages on Hayden Terrace belong to the two houses on
Linden Avenue.

Planning Board hearing, Thursday, September 21, 2006, 6 PM at
Somerville City Hall.

Zoning Board hearing, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 6 PM at Somerville
City Hall.

Could you please forward this on to anyone who might come and support
my neighborhood?

You are welcome to come by and look at the development in question.

Thank you either way.

We also have a web site that suggest more things to do and has much
more information.


One more thing to do is to call the Somerville Journal's Speakout
phone line at 671-776-9844 and comment on the article that George
Vroom got started and is quoted in. It is at


When I've done this in the past, they made the headline out of the
first few works. I know suggest a headline at the start of my Speakout.

Might you be interested in helping us fight it by coming to a hearing?
Just attendance would help. Attendance and signing in helps more.
Attendance, signing in, and speaking your opposition would be the best.

Please forward this on to anyone who lives in Somerville, you think
might be interested in coming to the hearing and asking that the
building be stopped.

Thanx either way,

-len tower

Current Location: http://www.haydenterrace.com/

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lentower From: lentower Date: October 5th, 2006 01:25 am (UTC) (Link)

New Hearing dates

Planning Board hearing changed to
Thursday, November 2, 2006, 6 PM
at Somerville City Hall

Zoning Board of Appeals hearing changed to
Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 6 PM
at Somerville City Hall

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