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at this time,
i am not journaling here
i do a private writing meditation instead
(details on request)

i post some at

i use to blog a little at

an autobiography and other bread crumbs about me are at

i prefer electronic communication via email to

agape -len
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Could you please share this on Live Journal and elsehwere.

And if you can, print out a few posters and, with permission, post them!

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IMPORTANT: click http://en.wikipedia.org/ do what it asks ! ! !

Please RESHARE everywhere on the INTERNET ! ! !

PS: this is also an unprecedented Internet event.
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Dresden Dolls LIVE Webcast from Sydney, Sat 7 Jan 2011

On http://​www.partyontheinternet.com/

Morning in Europe. Very Early AM in the US
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A friend who is a terrific home handyman and carpenter part time, has been laid off from his full time job (due to the reession). If you need work done in Eastern Massachusetts or Southern NH, I can put you in touch! His work is excellent at a reasonable rate.

I have often hired him to do small jobs for me, and have always been very pleased!
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kyle is one of the world's awesome photographers!

Originally posted by kylecassidy at FAQ
A Reader Writes: I want to be a photographer someday. Any advice?

Yes, lots.

Photography is a mixture of Artistic Ability and Technical Skill -- the magic of the mix isn't written in stone. The world is filled with technically proficient but artistically uninspired photographers, there seem to be a smaller number of artistically gifted but technically unsavvy artists, but they're out there as well. But the most successful people have a mixture of both -- they have an artistic vision, and they posses the technical skills to know how to make that a reality. The technical skills are the easy part, you can learn them from a book -- f-stops and shutter speeds and light modifiers, etc. The difficult thing to come up with is an idea.

0) Possibly the most important thing of all: Find creative people and make them part of your world. They don't have to be photographers. They can be writers, or musicians, or actors or puppet makers. Have a peer group of people who are doing things. They'll be your inspiration, your facilitators, your idea makers, your artistic partners. Do this for the rest of your life. Artists rarely survive in a vacuum.

1) Get a camera. It doesn't matter what kind. Eventually you'll most likely end up with a Digital SLR but in the meantime a point and shoot, your cell phone, a 1946 Brownie Box Camera, all these will work to start out.

2) Study photography -- this doesn't mean go to school for photography, but it means pay attention to photographs tear photos that you like out of magazines and keep them in a scrap book, get photography books from the library, from the bookstore, at yard sales. Learn what types of photography you like. Landscapes? People? Bands? Artificially lit? This will start to provide you with your visual vocabulary -- which will be important in figuring out what you want to photograph. Given a camera many new photographers are left baffled as to what they ought to be taking photos of. Subscribe to photography magazines, fashion magazines, travel magazines.

3) Take photos. What is it you're interested in? Enlist friends. Take trips, set up elaborate hoaxes, copy great works of art, copy not so great works of art.

4) Make a portfolio of your 12 best photos. these can be 4x6 1 hour prints. Every month try and replace at least one of these with a better photo. Do this for the rest of your life.

5) Evaluate your equipment. When you know specifically why what you have can't do what you want, it's time to think about upgrading. Do this for the rest of your life.

6) Find someone who will pay you to take photographs. It's always easier to learn on someone elses dime. It doesn't matter what the job is -- assistant to another photographer, part time local newspaper, photographing houses for a Realtor, etc.

7) Go to school. You can learn a lot more quickly this way. Things like advanced lighting techniques, gallery framing, etc. can be more quickly figured out in an environment like this.

8) Show your work. It doesn't have to be in a traditional gallery, it can be in your parents garage, or in your stairwell. Some friends and I used to have an open-air art gallery we called "Show up and Show" where we'd meet along a length of chain link fence, hang out photos up and stand around and talk to passers by.

9) Take lots of photos, throw out the bad ones, only ever show people your best. Do this for the rest of your life.

10) Stay busy. The opposite of busy is bored. Don't visit that place. Do this for the rest of your life.

Hope this helps.



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if you can, send in a few pics!

and @ least,
as these come out,
you should all read them ! ! !

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election is over!

read this, and then vote for kyle


lj could use the advice from some both so creative and so wise!
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neutral milk hotel asks for your help in preserving a carousel



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mj is a d.dolls/ap/bv fan

as importantly, she knows how to write

she is doing a story everyday in april

they vary alot, but they have the variety, twists, and varying shades of darkness of amanda's lyrics

check them out for a treat!

she loves comments,
or just mentioning your favorites!

from http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=59607156403&id=24305196&index=0
April: 30 stories in 30 days

Friday, March 27, 2009 at 1:40pm

It's nearly April. 30 days of April. So I am writing a short, fiction story a day and posting it for all to read. This is the first time I am simply getting my work out there; also the first time I am challenging myself to write a new piece a day.
The rules: Post before midnight, and everything I write will be written on that day.
These stories are guaranteed to be filled with violence, filthy language, sex…well SMUT is more like it, girls, debauchery, sad things, happy things, fucked up things, strap-ons, alcohol, affairs, divorce, drugs, the circus, death, life, fun, revenge, attempts at humor, which always turn out so bleak, and have I mentioned violence?
Those are the standards I am setting for myself. I’m kind of nervous that writer’s block will occur and I won’t be able to write anything. But that’s what challenges are all about. And to be perfectly honest, aside from the gross laundry list above, I have no idea what I am going to come up with
Comments & crit. always welcome. Even if it’s “Jesus MJ, I hated that.”
Say whatever you want because I certainly am.
And since FB is so funky these days I set up an open blog here:
for this project.
The link & title will always be posted in my status.
Much love, MJ
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kim and zoe's van was broken into, and they lost their compies, and much else.

if you have a few dollars to spare, hit up the paypal button:

here a direct link to the paypal donation page
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facebook is increasingly doing the advertising lossage,
that a while back 'caused me to move most of my social networking from myspace

large picture ads,
that often take forever to load,
and often lock up my browser while doing so

i liked their subtle ads,
and actually clicked through to the more interesting ones.
no longer, they waste my time, they lose

i suspect they have not tested them under firefox,
which is my browser of choice,
and only choice where i most use the internet


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if you're one of my live journal friends,
chances are you LOVE art

please help culturate the USA,
and sign this petition to urge president obama
to get us a cabinet level Secretary of the Arts!


if you have a little extra energy, contact
* him directly @ the white house
* your congressperson
* both your senators

and tell everyone you know!

here's a video and a washington post article about this!



thanks! -len
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I will see Amanda Palmer at the Boston Pops both 19 + 20 June.

Go see her with the Pops ! ! !

http://dresdendolls.com/calendar for details!

Amanda @ Pops PosterCollapse )
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there is a content strike called on lj posting and commenting for 20 march 2008

the issues appear to be (i'm most concerned about the last one)

from http://madam-mew-mew.livejournal.com/133696.html

  • It's about free and ad-free LiveJournal accounts being abolished for new members, ignoring the advice from the newly-formed Advisory Board.
  • It's about LJ staff trying to sneak this decision in under the radar, and when people found out, telling the users it was done 'to make the signup process less confusing'.
  • It's about LJ staff failing to apologize for trying to hide the facts from view and for lying about the actual reasons for their actions.
  • And finally, it's about the latest decision to hide certain user interests from the list of Most Popular Interests, some of them being fanfiction, bisexuality, lesbianism, sex and depression. This decision was not announced or explained in any way. Users found out for themselves.

see http://madam-mew-mew.livejournal.com/133696.html
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happy valentine day ! ! !

hi all,

hope this valentines day has been a good one for you so far!

some of my fellow artists on art.net have put together a show
for the day...

so please stop by and check it out. it's located
on the home page which is:


just click on the heart in the middle of the page and it takes
you to the show.

enjoy -len


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set the stage: i'm 57, and long haired/bearded ...

i'm walking down the hall of a local university, turn a corner to pass a group of undergraduate women talking.

just as i pass them, one said "boys can be so dense".

without breaking stride, or looking at them, i said "yes, we can be."

they were all still laughing a 100 feet later when the elevator doors closed.





it made my day.

enjoy -len


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My neighborhood needs a favor.

Please write a letter to the Somerville Zoning Board of Appeals saying you are opposed to the granting of any special permits for 1-4 Hayden Terrace.

If you don't have the time to US Mail a letter, please send an email to zba@ci.somerville.ma.us. But a written letter is more effective. It's OK to do both.

Just stating your opposition is enough, though it you can add a few reasons that would make your letter even more effective.

If you are free you can also come and speak at the public hearing at Wednesday, January 17, 2006, 6 PM, at Somerville City Hall, on Highland Avenue at School Street.

The web sight is at http://www.haydenterrace.com/ with all the reasons why these special permits should not be granted! And pictures and maps!

Could you please forward this on to anyone who might come and support my neighborhood? And help tell developers that they have to play by the rules in Somerville!

You are welcome to come by and look at the development in question.

Thank you either way. -len tower

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Could you please come to one or both of the meetings to stop an illegal
development and help me and my neighbors out? As well as anyone who wants to stop inappropriate development in Somerville.

See http://www.haydenterrace.com/.

A developer has illegally added a 3rd story and gable roof to 1-4
Hayden Terrace, off Linden Avenue. It's 45 feet behind my yard, and
is blocking light/air/views for me and many homes around it. It also
will add traffic and parking congestion when it's occupied. He played
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Thanx either way,

-len tower

Current Location: http://www.haydenterrace.com/

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